Install WordPress in ReadySpace Webspace

In this video, you will learn how to install WordPress into the ReadySpace WebSpace plan within a few minutes. WordPress is a widely used Blogging web application. You can sign up a free WebSpace Solo plan at ReadySpace, then install WordPress to start building your online Web Presence. WordPress can Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210423

New Features [SuperScaler] Added: New commission type for affiliates [WebSpace] Added: Activated Curl in PHP8 [Cloud Drive] Added: Antivirus scanning for files activated [UserApi] Added: Additional methods to manage support tickets (Create, reply, re-open, close) Bugs Fixed [SuperScaler] Fixed: Cannot add the negative tax to Credit Note draft [SuperScaler] Fixed: Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210416

New Features [SuperScaler] Changed: Renewal reminders sequence adjusted. [WebSpace] PHP8 now available as of PHP option [WebSpace] Added Python as a supported language [WebSpace] Added Node.js as a supported language [UserApi] Added: API method to download ticket attachments [UserApi] Added: Attachment list in ticket details response [UserApi] Added: Transaction list Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210409

New Features [SuperScaler] Added: More realtime and accurate currency conversion Bugs Fixed [SuperScaler] Fixed: Update for “Quota usage” is not performed on some accounts [SuperScaler] Fixed: Errors related to ssh keys can’t be translated. [Domains] Fixed: Domains were automatically canceled past grace period without taking redemption period into account [SuperScaler] Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210401

Bugs Fixed [SuperScaler] Fixed: Notifications do not include data from the assigned product type. [SuperScaler] Fixed: Error when a new client tries to order a full-cycle product with a period longer than 1 month. [SuperScaler] Fixed: Error when trying to load unsupported gateway [SuperScaler] Fixed: Logging out as client does Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210326

New Features [SuperScaler] Added: Credit card payment page now allows to override billing contact for a one-time payment [SuperScaler] Added: Clearer contract details now shown in email notifications and invoices [Cloud Drive] Added: You can now edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files direct from Cloud Drive Bugs Fixed [SuperScaler] Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210319

New Features [API] Added: A method that lists the available languages [API] Added: Ability to translate language variables returned by the API [Billing] Added: Additional option when generating service invoices manually Bugs Fixed [SuperScaler] Fixed: CC processing page shows miss-leading form to change billing information [SuperScaler] Fixed: Order handler set Continue Reading

Startup with Virtual Data Center

Antonius uses Virtual Data Center for his business. Click here to find out more! – https://okeo.shop ****************************** Sign up a free ReadySpace account here Sign Up ****************************** FB Page: https://facebook.com/readyspace Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/readyspace Telegram: https://t.me/readyspace Youtube: https://youtube.com/readyspace Instagram: https://instagram.com/readyspacecloud #super-salesman #Levelup #nextlevel #readyspace #strategy #business #bootstrapping #bootstrappingbusiness #bootstrappingbusinessowner #bootstrappingstartup #cloudnative #webspace Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210310

New Features [SSL Certificates] Added: Ability to see “Certificate Details” in Cloud Console [SuperScaler] Added: API Support for Accept-Language header in the request [Cloud Drive] Added: New clean user interface with tools available to administrate your directories and files easily. [Cloud Drive] Added: Ability to choose which folders to encrypt Continue Reading