ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210820

New Features [SuperScaler] Added: Client Area pagination for client contacts Bugs Fixed [SpamExperts] Fixed: Module fails to add domain user in single domain operation mode when no custom email field is added [SuperScaler] Fixed: Incorrect payment gateways are displayed in cart [SuperScaler] Fixed: Despite using same template structure as invoice Continue Reading

ReadySpace 私有雲如何幫助我們靈活滿足客戶需求!

Ryan 與我們分享了他們如何通過 ReadySpace 私有雲如何幫助我們靈活滿足客戶需求 https://momentsofjewellery.com.hk ****************************** 在這裡註冊一個免費的 ReadySpace 帳戶 Sign Up ****************************** Telegram: https://t.me/readyspace Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/readyspace Youtube: https://youtube.com/readyspace FB Page: https://facebook.com/readyspace Instagram: https://instagram.com/readyspacecloud

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210813

New Features [WebSpace] WebSpace Solo now comes with Backup Option Bugs Fixed [SuperScaler] Fixed: Despite being disabled premium domains shows up as available for transfer [SuperScaler] Fixed: Unable to check the checkbox for domain contacts [SuperScaler] Fixed: Imported or duplicated dropdown with linked slider do not work correctly. [SuperScaler] Fixed: Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210806

New Features [SuperScaler] Added: Notice on additional gateway charges during payment [Cloud Server] Changed: selected lists for IP pool will now include sub-lists [Virtual Data Center] Added: New Virtual Datacenter Plans available [Super Salesman Stack] Added: New plugins added to stack (1) Elementor Powerpack (2) Provely [WebSpace] Updated: WebSpace default Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210730

New Features [SuperScaler] Added: Company account is not the default account type for new registration [SuperScaler] Added: Now each “Term of services” has its own checkbox to be accepted when placing an order. [SuperScaler] Added: Notification on additional transaction fees when using certain payment methods [cPanel license] Added: It is Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210718

New Features [SuperScaler] Added: Ability to encrypt ticket main message contents [Cloud Server] Added: Updated Storage and Backup link in Cloud Server admin page [Knowledgebase] Changed: Updated links to be relevant to each locations in KB. [VDC] Added: Automated provisioning [WebSpace] Updated: default setup for PHP configuration and extensions. [SpamExperts] Continue Reading

ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20210701

New Features [Virtual Data Center] Added: Option to select IP list when creating VM in Cloud Console. Bugs Fixed [SuperScaler] Fixed: Metered-billed services shows 0 as next invoice total [SuperScaler] Fixed: Adding coupon code with discount higher than due total sets balance negative [SuperScaler] Fixed: Paying for invoice with coupon Continue Reading

Cloud Server for Software Developers

Here’s a special message for every Software Developer who wants to develop software application faster but can’t seem to solve server infrastructure related issues with limited knowledge. Hi, welcome to ReadySpace and we help software developers just like you to manage complex server infrastructure. If you want to succeed with Continue Reading