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Kian is a really a excellent partner to have at Readyspace web services. He is always available and tries his best even when his job is not to answer technical difficulties. God bless Kian!Aaron MotorolaFebruary 22, 2024
Love the immediate support I received from the team! Ease of use and convenience is very useful to non-tech users!Jason LimJanuary 17, 2024
Kian, has been a great help! Patiently explaining to me the steps they will be taking. I am satisfied with his professionalism and dedicated service. He is prompt with his replies. Thanks Kian!Yarn SpinnersDecember 8, 2023
Awesome experience ❤️Jonathan FooOctober 5, 2023
I have assigned a duty to set up a web mail hosting linked to the company's domain ID. I have a lack of knowledge on this setup and other IT related matters. But MR.KIAN from ready space had assisted me from following up my enquiries, suggested correct product and also help throughout the full process from purchase to set up. Appreciate his response and care.yuaraj ramakrishnanSeptember 14, 2023
Really satisfied with the customer service rendered - prompt and helped with pointing our domain seamlessly. Support on WhatsApp was almost 24hours though I wasn’t expecting them to reply so promptly. The new website is live within the next day. Thank you!Shahirah AzmanAugust 31, 2023
If you are looking for digital marketing solutions and lead generation services, especially the latest quick response WhatsApp messaging service tailored to your needs, ready space are the subject matter experts.Happy Coach YuantaiJuly 14, 2023
Fast support response and resolution by Perez! Thank you ReadySpace!Christian Dela CruzJuly 8, 2023
Excellent service and advice given. Very fortunate to have Readyspace helping us in this journeyPhoebe TanMay 23, 2023
Great customer service on tech and billing issues makes it very easy to be a client.M KellyMay 5, 2023
I got two calls from cold leads last month after my website was migrated to ReadySpace. I didn't do any SEO so I was very surprised how the migration has increased the possibility of my exposure. Thank you and well done ReadySpace!Wendy TongMay 3, 2023
Recently we have encountered technical issues with ReadySpace. As required, we contact the Service Staff to troubleshoot our issues. I have dealt with a different number of their Service Staff and have found them to be competent and able to resolve the various different issues I have faced. Here, I wish to commend a particularly helpful and exceptional staff – Kian Ng whose passion and dedication to his job are obvious. Using cliches like going beyond his normal scope of duties does him a disservice. He is a bright star that brightens my mood while trying to resolve technical issues. I would also like to commend Hazel Chow who has proved to be extremely patient and concise in her explanation of the various issues.Ken WooMarch 1, 2023
Was served by Kian Ng. Excellent and efficient support. Rectified my domain activation issue with minutes.Choong Soo SeeJanuary 17, 2023
A very pleasant and engaging experience thus far. Kian is friendly and helpful, from my initial enquiry call to the follow-up emails. I also like the tidbits of information they send me from time to time; it helps build up my technical knowledge since I'm an amateur in this field. Keep it up and I look forward to your continued assistance and support!Keng Boon NgJanuary 11, 2023
David was so patient in his explanation. Guided and share with me so many tips even before I decided to utilise his service. I strongly recommend him. Good job.Nicke WongDecember 15, 2022
Enthusiastic and helpful!Justin ChooDecember 15, 2022
As a local SME boss with almost zero knowledge of the complex web back-end, working with David and his team at Readyspace has been a really great experience. He is able to explain complex stuff to mortal humans and ensures that all my needs are taken care of without costing an arm and a leg.Gin Lee OoDecember 8, 2022
R.S always go all the way out to assist the client. I have been working along side with them since 2015. Great company.Troy NgNovember 29, 2022
Just love David's team, they are so knowledgeable and professional. Two thumbs up!Sam cNovember 14, 2022
Very good deal! Seller is very accommodating. Smooth transaction. Highly recommended!!Jason FengNovember 8, 2022
Superb sharing and very knowledgeable about online business and ideas.Joshua LohNovember 7, 2022
ReadySpace offers quality IT solutions to customer. Not only settling IT issues, also building value to the business.Benson LimNovember 7, 2022
My experience of working with ReadySpace and David Loke is a pleasant one. The company is constantly looking to provide quality service to their clients.Lew Wee LiangNovember 3, 2022
ReadySpace Team did not just provide business owners with technical advise. What really sold me is that they'll get into your business, apply business logic and strategies, then choose the right tech tools to be used for your business success.Zeslyn LimNovember 1, 2022
Very good and prompt service!Victor LimOctober 29, 2022
Readyspace is transforming businesses by not only providing hosting solutions, but by the various initiatives and programmes via the Readyspace Academy. It doesn't just help you get online, it teaches you how to be successful online!John ChongSeptember 28, 2022
Kian was most helpful whenever I called. The team also went the extra mile to help whenever I needed. Reliable and responsive.Chris L (CL)September 26, 2022
I have been dealing with David for many years now, and he has always respond quickly to my queries.Tzai Chian WongSeptember 23, 2022
We faced with issues on our business email recently. Our current vendor is not responding to us. With no one to turn to, we found ReadySpace and ask for their help. As I'm totally not tech savvy, we need someone who is able to help us handle these complicated tech stuffs. Kian is the representative from ReadySpace contacted us. He is very well verse and understand our needs totally. Our issue is being solved very quickly and we are back to business now. Thank you for your promptness and swift response!Missy SamSeptember 22, 2022
All thanks to Kian from ReadySpace who guided me and solve all my issues. He is understanding and patience as I am not very well verse in technology matters. Thank you for your professionalism and will definitely recommend ReadySpace to all my friends and business partners! 🙂Samuel WongSeptember 22, 2022
David is professional & knowledgeable. He is patient & willing to share his views & provide solutions. His ideas can add value to existing business.Edwin SooSeptember 21, 2022
I had a very good experience with Readyspace in regards to my plans to have a domain and website for my business.When I spoke to David, he was very cordial during our conversation. He showed a lot of enthusiasm and provided me with what I need to know in order to start.His backend infrastructure specification is very high. It gave me the confidence to invest my business with Readyspace.It is so good that Readyspace gives 24/7 technical support because you don’t know when your website will be down so its very reassuring to have a local company who will standby to support you when you need help and not have to leave a message on a phone answering systemI have no regrets signing up with Readyspace!Paul SeowSeptember 21, 2022
Since using ReadySpace, I have gained a lot of new knowledge to improve my work. Their support is truly a 24x7 with real live person and not a robot. Great company to work with!Teow Kuan WoeiSeptember 21, 2022
excellent service, knowledgeable support and good uptime.Soragan OngSeptember 21, 2022
Excellent !my tortise are dogs “The Tortoise experience” OneSeptember 20, 2022
Swift response from the team should you meet with any problems.Samantha NgSeptember 20, 2022
Some of the most down to earth folks started this and created business that does serves most of one's digital needs. For me its web hosting and they are also reasonably priced with a team that is responsive and helpful. Thanks guys!Norman TehSeptember 20, 2022
Reliable and responsive 3rd party that we can trust!Michelle ChewSeptember 20, 2022
Working with Readspace is such a pleasure. The staff is always extremely professional and provide a quality services. If you are looking for web hosting services, look no further. Readyspace is the company for you!Mike TanSeptember 20, 2022
Working with Readyspace is such a pleasure, they anticipate and shares a lot of initiatives that most other company do not do. Very blessed to be working with them!Shane ChiangSeptember 20, 2022
Very reliable service. Prompt help in time of needs. Of course the boss David has a lot of ideas for us to grow together.👍👍👍Tony SetiobudiAugust 22, 2022
Fantastic service and prompt response. Great job, Readyspace team.Robin ThorAugust 18, 2022

Testimonial from our clients

Bernard Choo

We had been partnering with ReadySpace

We had been partnering with ReadySpace since 2015. ReadySpace services and expertise in the area of Internet and Server security is excellent. Their response time is efficient and the support team is dedicated. We can trust ReadySpace to provide and ensure our internet communication like emails, website, other co-related internet services is secure and smooth running. Overall, we delighted to have ReadySpace as our internet support provider.

Tay Kunming Owner

Continuous service and prompt support

Continuous service, prompt support, highly recommended


ReadySpace has been providing excellent service

ReadySpace has been providing excellent web hosting services and support for us many years. We can fully rely ReadySpace for web hosting matters and focus on our main business of web design & development services.

Partha Pratim Roy

We are very happy with ReadySpace

We are very happy with the service and support from ReadySpace. We are working with them last 10 years and getting very satisfactory support and on time response from their sales, billing and the tech support is far better than what we see from other providers.

Eugene Chong

Reliable server and quick response

Reliable server and quick response to troubleshooting. Recommended hosting company that will get your back anytime.

Thomas Wang Business Owner

Stable secure and low cost email product

We wanna focus more on software development and not supporting customers on infrastructure issues. Hence, we needed a stable and low cost email product. We then found - Office Mail. Really blessed by Readyspace... =)

Albert Tirtohadi CEO

Always very responsive

Readyspace is always very responsive whenever we need support. They are a highly reliable partner to ensure smooth operations. Thanks ReadySpace!

Peter Teo Owner

The full suite of services

The full suite of services provided by ReadySpace means that we are well-covered here and their dedicated team is well equipped to meet all of our growing needs of our clients.

Thumbs up!

Mark Yah

Wonderful experience with the team

Wonderful experience with the team.

Always Ready!


Fast response. Speedy follow up.

Fast response. Speedy follow up. Full suite of services.

Wong Chee Foo Director

ReadySpace cater to different business needs

I have used more than 6 hosting providers before and able to differentiate great and average ones. ReadySpace has a wide range of new solutions that can cater to different business needs whether it's SME, MNC or government related entity. Not forgetting the wide presence internationally to provide the level of trust. I am always impressed with their innovation and ability to link them to their central portal. The support team is helpful when comes to plesk related queries. Just a suggest and thought it will be good to state the level of support given for each solution clearly to minimize any misunderstanding. Awesome job for David, Kian and the support team. 🙂

Bernard Lim Director

It's been a truly awesome experience

It's been a truly awesome experience working with Readyspace, I couldn't be more satisfied with how readily and speedy the service and support from Readyspace are.

Not only that your staff had guide me through the troubleshooting process with detailed point-to-point guides, they did so with much patience and flexibility, even though it was during the weekends.

Thank you, Readyspace for offering such a good service. I am looking forward to a continued long business relationship with your company!​

Leonard Lee

Host many sites at ReadySpace

All too often its too easy to jump to a great deal at first glance and realise that it wasn't so good, further down the line.

I'm Leonard Lee and I'm the generation that embraced the Internet with my trusty modem card at 9600bps, to my 28.8 US Robotics dialing and buzzing away in the night or 3COM routers after I became familiar with such devices, at the age of 15.

Stability has always been a concern - if not the biggest concern. After all, who would you be blaming if the connection was broken? 8minutes for an MP3 was a fair wait.

Since I found Readyspace. I've hosted way too many sites through them. Simply because they have been consistently stable. Readyspace has also been quick to respond to the rare issue, when it actually crops up. Most times or other, its been about payment methods expiring (yes, my fault). So it does seem that they've been very reliable and easy to use. Its better than it seems. They are very reliable.

Downtime has never been an issue for all the hosted sites. Speedy delivery of content when requested.

What more could i ask for? With a provider like Readyspace, i have not, and will not need to look anywhere else.

Thank you Readyspace and God bless​

Eugene Chong

Stable and reliable servers

Stable and reliable servers, quick response and rectification to issues. We hope to continue this wonderful business association with Readyspace in years to come.​

Hubert Ng Digital Designer

ReadySpace has been a valuable partner

ReadySpace has been a valuable and dedicated partner, providing reliable webhosting services for our clients. With in-depth technical knowledge and excellent client support, they are always willing and ready to provide value-added solutions for our projects.

Douglas Gan

5 years with ReadySpace

I have been working with ReadySpace over 5 years, and it is really one of the best hosting companies out there. They always go out of its way to provide its own version of “Fanatical Support”. I love working with them! *amen*

Gaius Chow

Good experience with technical staffs

Good experience with technical staff, from all the calls, emails and live chat. They are always attentive and ready to provide support to the challenges that we encountered. They help to resolve those issues by going deep into it, and pointing out where are the problems and actually resolved them! I think this is rare and very precious.​

Dr. Ho Kwok Chiang

We have worked with ReadySpace

We have worked with ReadySapce since 2012. The scalability of the hosting solutions offered allows one to dynamically change their requirements with ease.

In addition, Readyspace provides very good admin and technical support which one can turn to should the need arises.

We do recommend Readyspace for your hosting solution needs.

Tze Hur

Fast and reliable. What more

Fast and reliable. What more can you ask for from a hosting company? Five stars service.

Jeff Loh

6 years using ReadySpace Services

It's been 6 years using the services provided by Ready Space and it's been a very good experience. They have a very good support team and are alway ready to help!

Angie Koh Managing Director

Localised Cloud Services for Business

Wanted to switch to a local firm to manage my firm's domain and hosting services as it' near impossible to get help from the previous service provider. Contacted ReadySpace's personnel and mange to switch over pretty quickly. I'm not an expert in this field and at times couldn't understand what was needed for the switch. The friendly and helpful staff guided me through the whole process and it was really a pleasant experience. Highly recommended!​

Ms Natsie Huang General Manager

Working with ReadySpace is a breeze

Working with Readyspace is a breeze as they are professional in understanding our requirements. They proposed the solution sizing that ideally meets our business reengineering processes and yet it is easily scalable. That really helps in how we want our business to grow, so we can respond more rapidly to new competitive challenges and seize new market opportunities.

Samuel T Bontha Developer

With ReadySpace over 10 years

My company JDW Technologies have been working with ReadySpace over 10 years. It's really one of the best hosting companies in the world. The price is reasonable. They are very supportive in sales and technical issues. We strongly recommend ReadySpace for your hosting solutions.

Mohdnoor Ibrahim

Responsive and helpful team

For the past two years that we are with Readyspace, you team had been responsive and helpful to meet our needs. Readyspace had assist SATS in areas pertaining to connectivity and hosting; we appreciate the great support that we had received from readyspace all these years. Your team is also well versed in the technical knowledge in the areas concerned.​

Lawrence Tan Realtor

Work with ReadySpace for 10 years

Worked with Ready Space for close to 10 years. They helped me obtain my website domain and handled the hosting.

Big thumbs up to the good service given. Their technical and admin support is prompt and effective.

I will unreservedly recommended Readyspace to everyone out there!

Alfred Siew Owner

Several years using ReadySpace

We have been with Readyspace for several years now and are happy that they have enabled us to scale our website over the time we have been partnering them. As our traffic has increased, Readyspace has helped to upgrade the hardware to ensure that our website runs smoothly and caters to the additional traffic. It has also been instrumental in recommending a solution for our move to HTTP to HTTPS.

Robin Thor

ReadySpace been a dedicated partner

ReadySpace has been a dedicated partner, providing prompt and reliable cloud services so that we can in turn focus on what we are best at, developing application and creating solutions for our clients