How the Tor Network Works

When Edward Snowden wants to chat with journalists, and not be spied on, he uses Tor (‘The Onion Router’) network. Tor hides the sender’s IP address, protecting their identity by bouncing their communications across different nodes in the Tor network, only one of which knows where the data came from. Continue Reading

Hello World

Ok, so we started our own blog. The main purpose of it will be to post various ‘how to’ articles to answer typical questions and address common issues our customers face. This will be mixed in with articles about some cool technologies, Anturis news, and some topics just for fun. Continue Reading

Where Is X4?

A few months ago, we were pleased to release the latest evolution of the cPanel User Interface: Paper Lantern. Among all of the excitement and outreach surrounding Paper Lantern during the last few months, one theme kept recurring, one question kept being asked: Where is x4? The x4 project is Continue Reading

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